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What the hell have I just stumbled upon?!

Good question, thanks for asking.
You've just found a semi-modern shell of what the Internet used to be like. At least, this is what I think it was like.

This project hopes to offer a space for netizens to submit their text-only webpages, with the occasional piece of ASCII art and basic CSS more than welcome. The idea is that these sites can be viewed from a range of machines and browsers, from the latest version of Chrome to Netscape Navigator, or the latest MacBook Pro to the iMac G3. Personally, I'm a big fan of browsing the web through my terminal, so in a sense I guess this is the sort of thing I would actively seek out :)

How can I get involved?

Good to have you on-board!!

All you need to do to get your pages listed here is shoot me an email at crystepsi@gmail.com, either with the link to your site, or if you want me to host it for you, please compress all your files into a .zip file titled what you want your url extention to be, and I'll take care of the rest!

When it comes to updating your site, please send me the updated files for me to replace, and I'll get that done ASAP :)
If you've updated more than just one file, please just rezip the whole site and sending it my way - I am not going to fix any broken links for you ;p

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